Windows 10 2017 년 5월 보안 정기 보안 업데이트

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마이크로소프트에서 제공하는 윈도우와 마이크로소프트 제품에 대해서 보안 업데이트가 진행이 되었습니다. 그리고 이번 보안 업데이트에서는 Windows 10 RTM는 마지막으로 지원되면 해당 Windows 10 RTM를 사용을 하시는 분들은 이번이 마지막 보안 갱신이 지원이 됩니다.해당 제품을 사용하는 경우에는 반드시 상위 버전으로 업데이트를 하시길 바랍니다. 이번에 보안 업데이트가 적용이 되는 것은 다음과 같습니다.
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office Servers 그리고 Web Apps
.NET Framework
Adobe Flash Player
그리고 윈도우 10에서 보안 업데이트가 적용이 되는 목록 입니다.
Windows 10 version 1703 Build 15063.296 and 15063.297(KB4016871)
Windows 10 Version 1607 and Windows Server 2016 Build 14393.1198(KB4019472)
Windows 10 Version 1511 Build 10586.916(KB4019473)
Windows 10 RTM Version 1507 Build 10240.17394(KB4019474)
Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer에서 SSL TLS 서버 인증 SHA-1을 폐지하기 위해 암호화 API가 업데이트 되었습니다.
그리고 마이크로 소프트에서 제공을 하는 백신프로그램인 Windows Defender, Microsoft Security Essentials에 관해서는 CVE-2017-0290인 원격 코드 실행 문제점)가 수정이 되었습니다.
그리고 Microsoft. NET Framework에 대해서도 CVE-2017-0248은 보안 기능 우회하는 취약점을 수정했습니다. 그리고 Windows 8, Windows 10등에서 기본적으로 탑재된 Adobe Flash Player에 대한 보안 업데이트도 함께 적용이 되었습니다.

그리고 Skype for Business 2016 (64-bit)에 대해서도 보안 업데이트가 진행이 되었습니다. 해당 CVE-2017-0281은 원격 코드 실행 문제점이 있습니다. 일단 스카이프(Skype)를 사용을 하시는 분들도 업데이트를 진행을 해야 할 것입니다. 그리고 이번에 업데이트된 KB4019472(Windows 10 1607 Build 14393.1198)에서는 다음과 같은 내용이 변경이 되었습니다.
Addressed issue where the PC Settings pages do not display the correct options after the installation of KB3213986 and a language pack.
Addressed issue where fonts appear differently based on whether an app uses Graphics Device Interface (GDI) or GDI Plus.
Addressed issue where applications that use msado15.dll stop working after installing security update KB4015550.
Addressed issue that causes a device to become unresponsive when users try to enable end-user-defined characters (EUDCs).
Addressed issue that causes a device to crash every time a user logs off from a remote session using a Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA).
Addressed issue where changing the scaling setting of the display prevents DPI-aware tools (Notepad, MS Paint, etc.) from accepting input or drawing correctly when using the Japanese IME.
Addressed issue that causes Windows Explorer’s CPU usage to be at 20% when an executable file is hosted on a file share and its Offline attribute is set.
Addressed issue where Windows Event Forwarding between two 2012 R2 servers makes reports incompatible with third-party Security Information and Event Management software.
Addressed issue where the BitLocker Drive Encryption wizard shows the "Choose which encryption mode to use" page even when the BitLocker GPO is enabled
Addressed issue where AppLocker fails to block binaries with revoked certificates
Addressed issue where a virtual machine (VM) loses network connectivity if the VM does not send Address Resolution Protocol packets for five minutes and the VM is connected to a wireless NIC
Addressed issue that causes the loss of a VPN connection when using a computer with an integrated WAN card (cellular card).
Addressed issue where multipath I/O did not properly restore service after the check condition "Illegal request, LUN not available (sense codes 05/25/00)" occurs
Addressed issue where a Stop 0x27 error occurs after a user provides the domain username and password
Addressed issue where users can create folders on a USB flash drive when "Deny write access" is set for Removable Storage Access.
Addressed an issue where crash dump generation hangs at 0% on a system with over 750 GB of physical memory and Hyper-V enabled.
Addressed an issue with a paging file space leak that leads Windows to a crash, blue screen, or data loss.
Addressed issue that prevents access to a website when Automatic Rebind of Renewed Certificate and Directory Service Mapper are enabled
Addressed a crash in Services.exe with the error code “0xc0000374 - A heap has been corrupted,” and requires a system restart.
Addressed issue where Windows Defender anti-virus definitions, which are regulated by the network, prevent other updates (LCU, drivers) from being downloaded
Addressed issue where Internet Explorer 11 does not save JavaScript files when exporting to an MHT file.
Addressed issue that prevents Internet Explorer 11 from following redirects when the Include-Referer-Token-Binding-ID header is set to “true.”
Addressed issue that causes users to get logged out from a Web-application intermittently.
Updated Internet Explorer 11’s New Tab Page with an integrated newsfeed.
Deprecated SHA-1 Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11 for SSL/TLS Server Authentication. See Advisory 4010323 for more information
Addressed additional issues with the Windows Shell, enterprise security, Datacenter Networking, storage networking, Internet Information Services, Active Directory, clustering, Windows Server, the client platform, and Internet Explorer
Security updates to Windows COM, Windows SMB Server, Windows server, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge

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    그동안 밀린 업데이트를 하느라.. 한참 걸리더라구요.. 계속 %만 올라가고 완료될 기미가 안보여서..
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